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Amazing Yoga Poses and a Sneaker Collection by Aubry Wiltcher – Yoga Week at bitehype

Aubrey Wiltcher Yoga Pose

In the second installment of the Yoga Week here at bitehype we have Aubry Wiltcher, an inspirational Yogi who lives in California. This is Aubry: What a great handstand variation! We asked Aubry about her favorite yoga poses and she answered: “dancer (natarajasana), wheel (urdhva dhanurasana), handstand (adho mukha vrksasana)” Let’s have a look at […]

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Get Abs like Jordan Edwards

Jordan Edwards Fitness

Recently I was surfing through my Instagram feed, to get inspiring fitness pictures. I liked a few, followed a couple, but I was baffled when I saw her. I’m of course talking about Jordan Edwards. She has a better six-pack than a lot of guys (!) at my gym and looks great! Don’t believe me? Check […]

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