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Healthy food for college students

I often get a lot of emails, saying "Fey, I'd love to cook the way you do, but I live in a dorm in college and can't really prepare healthy stuff". And since it's been a while, I've been to the university, I had to do some research (back then I lived at home, which [...]

Jessica Sepel

Today, I want to introduce you to a very inspirational person, whom I've seen on instagram. Jessica Sepel is a health blogger, nutritionist and wellness coach. See before getting her life and body together, Jessica was doing all kinds of diets with all kinds crazy restrictions. But she realized that her body is her temple [...]

Yoga Week at bitehype

For the finish of Yoga week, I want to give you additional inspiration, you can follow daily. So I've decided to compile a list of 20 people who do yoga and share their amazing philosophy in form of pictures on Instagram and Pinterest. Let's go Why should you follow? Caitlin is an incredible Yoga inspiration. [...]

Anna from instafemmefitness

When I first saw Anna on instagram, I knew that I had to share her amazing story. See, Anna went through an amazing fitness transformation and now keeps inspiring other people who follow her on instagram and her website. Look at how Anna looks today:  And this is how she used to look (side by side [...]

Aubrey Wiltcher Yoga Pose

In the second installment of the Yoga Week here at bitehype we have Aubry Wiltcher, an inspirational Yogi who lives in California. This is Aubry: What a great handstand variation! We asked Aubry about her favorite yoga poses and she answered: "dancer (natarajasana), wheel (urdhva dhanurasana), handstand (adho mukha vrksasana)" Let's have a look at [...]

Kathryn Budig

With this post I want to officially start Yoga Week at bitehype! I looked for the coolest Yoga people around the world (read: the web) and asked them about their secrets. What are their favorite poses? How can one get started with Yoga? Do I need to be religious for Yoga? Let's kick it off, [...]

Fit by Nela physique

Nela is the kind of girl that goes all in and never stops. Everything she does, she does with passion and love. And her physique shows all the work she has put in:   And if you thought that she always looked like this, check out her transformation between 2013 and 2014: So as always, [...]

Camille Brown handstand

In this new installment of "What's your favorite exercise?" we have Camille Brown, a great athlete and a strong woman! Camille is a D1 athlete and when she's not training for a competition, she does handstands. For fun. Don't believe me, check this out: Although she does a lot handstands in her free time, [...]

Antonia Eriksson

Antonia Eriksson suffered from anorexia a long time before she became the wonderful young woman you can see here: She set out to be an example for other young women out there and inspire people to fight against anorexia. She explains a lot of these details on her blog here. But how did she [...]

Get Abs like Jordan Edwards

Jordan Edwards Fitness

Recently I was surfing through my Instagram feed, to get inspiring fitness pictures. I liked a few, followed a couple, but I was baffled when I saw her. I'm of course talking about Jordan Edwards. She has a better six-pack than a lot of guys (!) at my gym and looks great! Don't believe me? Check [...]