Healthy herb plants you should know about

healthy herbs

When it comes to cooking on a weekday we want it to be fast, tasty and healthy. On the weekends we might take a bit longer to prepare the food but during the week in needs to be quick. Cooking fast doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t taste good or is unhealthy for you, it’s … [Read more...]

Plan your evening routine

No more electronics

A lot of people talk about morning routines and their different benefits. I agree with most of them. I wrote in “Reclaim Your me-time” that the morning is the perfect time for a morning routine and do the things you love. However, a lot of people ignore the evening routine. In … [Read more...]

Meditation for beginners

Meditation has been around for a long time

There are few things in life where I think I should definitely do it and would reap huge benefits from it, but sometimes lack in discipline in doing it. Meditation is one of these things. The upsides are incredible: increased awareness better stress management an inner … [Read more...]

Why you should buy organic

healthy cows means healthy meat

Every two to three months I go to a farm about 30min. from where I live. It’s quite the ride since towards the end there isn’t even a proper road to get there. You couldn’t get there if you don’t have a car. I found this farm by looking through the internet and looking for … [Read more...]