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In this episode, I’m talking to James Bailey, co-founder of REAL Health & Fitness based in Switzerland.

James and his business partner do massage therapy and coaching (nutrition and training) and helped me get over an injury (Achilles tendonitis), which a lot of doctors were clueless about what to do, because they didn’t understand biomechanics.

photo 1


We’re talking specifically about:

- the medical systems around the world
- the difference between Switzerland and the UK
- the importance of massage therapy
- how to get started with massage therapy
- where to find good massage therapists

If you’re an active mover in daily life (and we all are!) then definitely give this episode a listen, it might even help you with your neck, back or knee pain!


REAL Health & Fitness

Call James at +41 78 602 09 97

Find James on Facebook

Find REAL Health & Fitness on instagram


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In this episode we’re talking to Dr. William Lagakos. He has a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry, Physiology, Endocrinology, Inflammation and Insulin resistance. He’s the author of “The poor, misunderstood calorie” and inofficial king of research tweeting.

In this interview, Bill will tell us

  • why a calorie isn’t a calorie
  • How and where to shop for groceries
  • whether you should buy organic vegetables or not
  • the relationship between statins and fish oil supplements
  • whether it’s enough to consume fish oil supplements or whether you should actually eat fish
  • how we can increase our growth hormone in natural ways
  • what he’s excited about in terms of research
  • the optimal amount of sleep
  • how you can make meditation make work for you
  • and he’ll also give us an interesting glimpse into his new book
Bill profile

Dr. William Lagakos

Dr. William Lagakos on twitter

Dr. William Lagakos on facebook

The poor, misunderstood calorie by Dr. William Lagakos on amazon


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Recently I had the great pleasure to talk to Gregory O’Gallagher, founder of (a very interesting fitness blog) and entrepreneur from Canada. He’s the co-host of the Road To Ripped podcast with Christopher Walker and a really cool guy.

What really interested me in this conversation was how Greg approaches fitness and life.

Greg O'Gallagher

In this episode, we talk about:

- why Greg believes in the Hollywood physique

- what you’re doing wrong in the gym and the kitchen, that’s keeping you from the results you want

- why eat to grow is the wrong approach

- Reverse Pyramid Training and how to build the right muscles

- Intermittent Fasting and its results that Greg has gotten with himself and his clients

- why tracking your training AND your nutrition is crucial

- how to get that attractive look that turns women’s heads

- the tinder & kinobody workout program (it really exists!)

- how Greg is currently training

- how you can create the right mindset in order to be successful in business, life and love (secret tip!)

- Greg’s favourite secret book recommendation that he normally only shares with his clients


As you can see this episode is PACKED! Make sure to listen until the end for Greg’s secret book recommendation that can really change your life, once you apply the learned principles.


Check out Greg’s links here:


Greg’s Instagram

Greg and Kinobody on Youtube

Kinobody Fitness on Facebook

There are three things that make cooking difficult:

1. You don’t know what to cook

2. You don’t know how or when to cook

3. You don’t want to clean up (huge thing for me!)


Currently I have to cook about 80-90% of my meals myself, both financially and because I’m following certain goals in terms of physique and performance in the gym & workplace.

The important part is that you can keep your cooking healthy, quick and on the budget during the week, so that you can enjoy the life on the weekends.


Let me introduce you to the routine (diet is 80% of the success, which is why you still see the same people in the gym not making any progress) that helped me gain 7.5lbs of muscle and lose 3.5lbs of fat in just 8 weeks. The details can and will vary for you, but it’s important that you understand the principles.


The Diet

I don’t follow a specific diet and I think this topic needs to be highly individualized, but for example purposes I can show you how I operate, maybe you can take some inspiration and follow something similar.

I’m active about 5-6 days per week, which means I’m moving either in the gym, on my Pennyboard or on a bike. Now I’m currently in a muscle gain phase, so I need more carbs than other people, because my body is always recovering and rebuilding. So

if you’re trying to gain muscle, you can consume more carbs,

if you’re trying to lose fat, you should eat less carbs and

if you’re trying to maintain your body, you should be in the middle.


Bitehype action step: 

- Calculate the days you’re active (walking to the bus doesn’t count! E.g. at least 45min. of light walking) and write it down.


The basic principle is, on the days you’re active, you can consume a bit more carbs on the days you’re not, you should eat less carbs, really simple.

What is more carbs vs. less carbs? I’d say two fists size of carbs is more carbs and one fist size is less carb. Maintenance would be just eating carbs once or twice, less carbs would be just once.

But should you just eat less carbs and leave the rest the same? No! When you’re doing low-carb, you have to do high-fat, in order to compensate. That means one good thing and one bad thing:

The good thing is: MOAH BACON! (Or avocados and nuts + seeeds, for my vegetarian and vegan brothas and sistas, #staystrong)

The bad thing is: Fat is more calorie dense than carbs and proteins, so you have to be careful with portioning. Just use common sense and listen to your body – normally your body can’t handle A LOT of fat very good, so this is a sign you should step back.


Bitehype action step: 

- Think about fat sources you like and write them down (common ones: bacon, full-fat cream, avocados, nuts, coconut oil, etc)


Protein is easy, it’s the most expensive part of the diet, but also the easiest, most of the people like some kind of meat, chicken and/or fish. For now, just stick with what you like – I’ll explain more in the what to cook part.


What to cook

Most people (even my mother!) tell me a lot of times that they like cooking and have the time for it, but actually just don’t know what to cook. They are mentally busy with other things and can’t think of recipes they like or did in the past.

I have a solution to that problems: During the week, cook  the same meals 4-5 days of the week.

Why and won’t I get sick of it?

The why is pretty simple, so that you’re not occupied with thinking about what to eat. The getting tired of the same meals part is a little more complex. Of course, if you cook bland stuff, that’s not tasty, you will get tired. The trick here is to use fresh ingredients and vary just a little from time to time. I’ll show you my favorite recipes in an instant, but you go first.


Bitehype action step: 

- Write down 5 dishes that you can cook and love.


My favorite dishes (will get updated with links as soon as I post them):

- The Bitehype Stir-Fry (aka meat and veggies with salsa)

- Chicken a la Fey with fresh herbs in the George Foreman Grill

- Mixed salad with sardines

- 50:50 BLB Burger (which stands for Bitehype Lamb-Beef)

- Frittata Deluxe

- Bacon and Eggs (gotta love the simplicity)


How and when to cook

The how to cook part is easy if you have your five dishes from the last Bitehype action step. If you don’t know five dishes, check out my five above. This leaves us with the big “when to cook?” question. I normally spend about 30-40mins. with my cooking and about 5-10 mins with cleaning up, depending on the dishes. With some of the hacks which I’ll show you, you can do this stuff in less than 30! The ideal time for me has always between 7pm and 8pm. Your schedule might be different, but think about this way: The 30min. you spend today, is won tomorrow during lunch (+ you’ll eat a delicious meal!) – so you got it right: We’re always cooking for both dinner now and lunch the next day (no extra time needed)!


Bitehype action step: 

- Set aside a 30min. window in your calendar today for a cooking session in the evening


Some people prefer to cook in the morning. I have done that too but I normally work or workout in the morning so that’s out of question for me, most of the time. Also that gives you plenty of time to spend the evening with whatever you like: watching series, reading books or just relaxing before bed.

A small but great “hack” is to involve your significant other in this process. You’ll spend quality time in the kitchen (not that kind), it’s super fun and you’ll both eat healthy. Plus it cuts down the working time for about 5-10 minutes, because you can help each other!


Bitehype action step: 

- Send this article to your significant other! Bonus points for adding “I love you” at the end. 


If you like cooking alone, that’s fine, too. I’ve heard from multiple people that cooking can be meditation and I tend to agree. Having someone in the kitchen helping you is always fun, though.


How to clean up the mess

If you’re like me, you’ll leave a mess in the kitchen after cooking. If you’re not like me and clean up as you cook, kudos, you have one less problem to worry about. You can stop reading now. All the others, class is back in session.

Cooking can be easy, with the right knowledge on how to handle the uncool parts like cleaning up. I’ve kind of perfected that method to the max, but I’m still adding new tricks to the toolbox.

My main hacks are using the correct cooking utensils (George Foreman grill, oven, cast iron, etc) and the correct cleaning utensils (dish washer, aluminium foil, parchment paper) at the right time.

Obviously if you don’t have a dish washer you have to clean up almost everything yourself, so the idea is that you shouldn’t use that many pans etc. Here are a few hacks you can use instantly:

- use parchment paper when cooking chicken and cook the chicken in the oven.

The parchment paper leaves the bottom clean and the chicken tender. After cooking you can throw it away and give the baking tray a quick wash. Pro Tip: If you’re really in a hurry or don’t want to clean at all – use double parchment paper. The top one will soak up all the oil and juices and the bottom one will help keep the baking tray clean.

Parchment paper for the win!

- use aluminium foil in your George Foreman, oven or even pan

This one isn’t my favorite, for health reasons, but I used it myself a couple of times. Especially fish tends to drip all over the George Foreman grill, so you want to make sure to really cover the edges around the meat/fish and throw it away after you cooked something delicious. Important: Wait until the foil has cooled down and the fat has solidified, that way it won’t drip in the trash either.

- use frozen veggies

The only fresh veggies I buy are tomatoes, bell peppers and other in-season vegetables that I will use that same day. The rest of the staples (broccoli, cauliflower, even carrots some times) are all frozen in my freezer. The reason for this is pretty simple: It doesn’t go bad, is fresher when prepped right and still has all the vitamins (it gets frozen the minute it gets picked up from the ground). If you live in any Western country, chances are your vegetables have had a long way to your home (from a foreign country, to a factory, to a truck, to a different country, to the customs place, to the grocery distribution center, to the truck, to the grocery), which leaves them with almost no vitamins.

- use a grill

If you have a grill (you know, the big BBQ type or even a small one – gas is always best and fastest), use it with all kinds of meats and burgers. Cleaning up the grill is super easy, rarely requires cleaning (make sure to scrub it every once in a while though) and makes the meat tasty. If you don’t have a grill, try to organize a George Foreman grill or something similar (see next point).

My grill on the balcony

- use a George Foreman grill or something similar

Any two-sided, electric grill will work. Especially chicken tends to be very soft and tender in the George Foreman (even tastier than in the oven, whaaat?!). Cleaning up is also very easy, since you can just throw the plates into the dishwasher – that’s it.

george foreman grill to cook meat and chicken

George Foreman grill


- clean as you cook

Often times you’ll have 5-10 minutes here and there where you wait for the next step of the recipe, use that time and clean up the stuff as you go. This is especially important if you don’t have a dishwasher. If you have one, just throw the dishes into the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen a bit. You’ll be surprised of how much time you can save with this process.

- use the dishwasher

If you have one, use it. Every day. Seriously though, this helped me so much in terms of cleaning up, especially if you cook a lot and you’re alone, washing dishes is easily the most annoying task in the kitchen, so I outsource it. To my dishwasher. If you don’t have one, use the tip above as much as you can, and buy one.


Bitehype action step: 

- choose three hacks from the list above to implement this week



As you can see, it isn’t that difficult to cook and eat healthy, it just takes planning and some time. The good thing about this type of cooking is also that you automatically eat clean about 80% of your time, that means you can easily splurge on Saturday with a few beers and burgers or keep it simple on Sunday morning with bacon and eggs, without feeling guilty.

Like I mentioned above this is the “program” I’m using every day when I’m working, it helps me focus on the important tasks of the day and lets me just do in the kitchen and still enjoy my meals.

And you know what? It’s a very flexible routine, too. If your friend calls you up at 6pm and wants to hang out for drinks, go ahead and get those drinks. Just make sure you still prep the food either in the evening or the morning before work. And if you don’t want to cook for whatever reasons (everybody has a phase like this), just order take out or grab something healthy on the go. Cooking can be tiring, but it can also be very fun and rewarding as long as you make the effort of planning in advance!

Let me know how you liked those tips and about your hacks in the kitchen.


Traveling to Berlin and connecting with people

So I just got back from a bunch of beautiful places: Berlin, Barcelona and Chicago. I had the chance to connect with friends, introduce friends to new friends and meet new friends – it was amazing.

A couple of months ago, I heard about this event called “Alive in Berlin” and since I wanted to go a conference this year anyway, it seemed like the perfect fit (very like-minded people, great city in Europe and good dates). I jumped on the opportunity and booked my flights, bought a ticket and looked for a place to stay. I was so excited that I wanted to get to know the Alive organizers directly, so I contacted Jana for an interview. When I asked her about the preparation for the conference, she told me about all the stress and prep work that goes into an event like this. Little did I know what she was really going through, because the event, was a full-fledged success. And there is no way that you could organize an event like this if you didn’t work super hard for it.*

The speakers blew me away, every. single. one.

Meeting people

An embarrassing moment at first though: So I walked in the Alive registration room, handled the admin stuff and wanted to walk to the big room where everybody was chilling and having a good time. “Hey, I’m Carl” said the guy in front of me after turning to me. The only thing I could say was “Fuck!” (I actually knew who Carl Paoli, which was why I was speechless in that moment). Shouts to Rakesh, for making me comfortable in that moment, since he had a similar thought when he met Carl.

After a quick drink and some chatting we were invited to join the big presentation room.

It started with Greg Hartle and him talking about living fully to die empty. It was a pretty harsh start, since we were confronted with mortality, but at the same time the importance of doing what you love, serving others and doing it now versus putting it off to a later stage. Definitely a reality check (Greg, if you’re reading this: I appreciate your talk, our short conversation and I won’t let you down, as promised.)!

Then we had a break to let the message sink in and connect with other people. All these greats in one place!

Alive in Berlin Kalkscheune

Before going back to listen to Pamela Slim and her presentation on “The Body of Work” I walked across a gentleman I knew I’ve seen before: Oh look, it’s Chris Guillebeau, best-selling author and visitor of all 193 countries of the world before his 35th birthday, yeah no biggie, all good. He complimented me on my shirt (shout-out to Benny Hsu for that one!) and we had a little talk about jetlag (his secret superpower, true story.).

Pamela’s presentation was a mix of ups and downs in terms of emotions, we learned about the body of work, her family and other exciting things – very cool!

After Pam’s presentation we were off to lunch break and I joined the Swiss group to grab something to eat (What up Harry and Lea?!). The highlight there was definitely Michael Gebben and his story. See Michael was just a hustler with a video production company two years ago. Now? He’s filming for Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss and met Richard Branson. Yeah, no biggie.

But how did he do it? What was so different in his path? How can I learn from him? I asked him all these questions and then just listened. If you know Michael, he’s a great guy, always excited (& smiling) and very happy to share his story. I, more or less, got the lots of his talk before the talk in the afternoon and I was super excited. He did very similar things that I did (and I’m still doing) giving value to people whenever, wherever he can.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, separates the successful people from the non-successful people (more on this later).

We were late for workshop time (sorry Dave!) but I got the most important thing from his workshop which was titled: Creative for Life: How to Write Whatever You Want, However You Want, Now and Forever.

Environment is actually the reason why Dave moved from the City to outer New York – definitely understandable. And this is also super important for me when I’m working on bitehype. The wrong environment and I can’t get shit done.

Next up was Ben Austin and “Masculine Presence & Feminine Radiance”

It was really interesting stuff and definitely stuff that Elliott Hulse often talks about. If you want to read a book on this topic: The Way of the Superior Man will be your new bible. When I talked to Ben and asked him for additional book recommendations, he told me that the only book on this topic would be Deida’s book. Especially his tip on reading a chapter a week and implementing, meditating, writing on it, before moving on, really resonated.

Next up was the Gebbs, who talked about Childlike Happiness and his path in this world. It was really interesting to hear, especially since I heard parts of the story during lunch break already. It definitely helped connect the dots. Rock’n’Roll Gebbs!

After we heard some Gebbs Juice, Carl took over the stage and basically talked about his life. For one hour. And it felt like 5mins! The storytelling skills of Carl were incredible, a very fun and interesting talk.

I had to approach Carl and talk to him about Ido Portal, another teacher of mine. Turns out Carl was very familiar with his principles and I knew that Ido was in Berlin, so I had to make a meeting happen.

I asked Carl whether he were down with eating lunch or grabbing coffee with Ido, to talk movement and life. He was super excited and I wrote Ido.

Movement and being on the move

Before attending the Alive party in the evening, I went to an dance performance choreographed by Shai Faran, together with Ido. It was so different and exciting! That coupled with an interesting conversation with Ido left me super pumped for the meeting with Carl next day.

See, I made an extra effort to see this performance and quickly talk with Ido before attending the party. I didn’t even eat proper dinner, but I knew that talking to Ido and watching that performance would be another highlight of my Berlin trip so I decided to hustle to the location and then hustle back to the Alive party, to get the best of both worlds. Sometimes, comfort needs to take the backseat on the way to greatness.

The great movers and dancers: Aya SteigmanNitzan LedermanNaama ItyelTea Harryson and Shai Faran

Connecting people

Although I’m a nobody in this world of greats, I knew that I could provide value to both Carl and Ido, by organizing a meeting. So I did.

After a quick stop at the party, talking to interesting people (met the radiant Henrika) I was beat! So many interesting people and experiences in one day. Incredible.

The next morning I got up at 7am, because I was too excited (oh and also because the room I stayed in, didn’t have blinds – thank you sun!) to get this day started. Took a quick shower and went directly to the Kalkscheune.

The morning started with an interesting talk by Ben Austin. He talked about male and female energy, very in-depth about the stuff he talked about in the workshop.

After Ben’s talk, John Whittle surprised us with a great poem. This guy is such a great speaker! I’d love to see him talk at a poetry slam or so, he’d kill it.

Dr. Carolyn Eddleston was next up with a talk on combining Western and Eastern medicine. I loved the topic, but felt like it was way too short! I’d have loved to hear about this topic about more in-depth! Still Doc, you did a great job :)

The Lunch

So lunch break came up and (to me) one of the highlights of this weekend was about to come to existence: the lunch with Ido Portal and Carl Paoli, two great movement teachers.

I can’t say much about that lunch, except that it was great: Great people, amazing food and an interesting conversation. “Better than this, is only twice this” (heard this from Ido in the Movement Camp, last year; so fitting!)

Screenshot 2014-06-19 07.27.32

“In order to achieve big things, you sometimes have to let the bad things happen” – something along these lines goes a quote from Tim Ferriss and it was exactly what happened. I missed Michael’s workshop on starting a profitable blog, one of my absolute highlights of the weekend. Michael, I’m sorry I missed that one (that’s why I had to apologize in advance!) but I’m grateful, that you shared those slides!

The End

After the workshops, Lea did a talk on making the most of your life, which was a great reminder for me to create EVERY SINGLE DAY. Thanks Lea!

Chris Guillebeau did the finishing talk and the Q&A in the end was also super interesting, especially since it was like an organic conversation.

After some cool conversations it was over and I have to say, I felt pretty sad. Going from so much energy around you to nothing is a weird feeling. But I definitely got the motivation to achieve even greater things together with these amazing people and friends I had the chance of meeting.

My Berlin trip was finished by eating at the Paleo Restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg and lunch with Sabina (another Alive attendee) the next day.

I’m so grateful for all these people and experiences – without you, this weekend wouldn’t have been the same for me – thank you all.

*Thanks Jana, and the Alive team what you did was amazing and I think I speak for all attendees if I say, I’m forever grateful!

Today I sit down with Christopher Walker, blogger at and creator of the program, as well as the Smart Drugs Crash Course

Christopher lives with a brain tumor, which prevents his body from producing natural levels of testosterone. Since the doctors couldn’t help him with the prescribed gels and creams, he started researching. After months and years of research, he raised his testosterone naturally to 1120ng/dl (that’s like the upper limit of natural levels!). 



In the first part of the podcast we talk about certain strategies he used (and still uses) in order to increase his testosterone levels. In the second part, we focus on his brand new course, called Smart Drugs Crash Course. We talk about the different smart drugs (also called nootropics) and the effects on the brain and the body. If you’re interested in health, fitness and/or smart drugs, you have to give this episode a listen!  

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Christopher can be found on: (his bodyweight focused fitness site) (the book he wrote about naturally increasing the testosterone levels) (his brand new video course about smart drugs) (a health & fitness show Christopher co-hosts together with fitness blogger, Greg O’Gallagher) – secret tip!


I first came across Jana Schuberth when I bought a ticket for the Alive In Berlin conference for May. After looking at her website and the conference she’s putting on with some friends, I instantly realized that I had to interview her and let her inspire you! In this episode we’re talking about “results coaching”, building a lifestyle you want and deserve as well as the organization of the Alive in Berlin conference which is coming up pretty soon.

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You can find more about Jana on


Catch her on twitter as @JanaSchuberth or on Facebook here:




If you want to find out more about the awesome conference (Alive In Berlin) she’s putting together (Chris Guillebeau, Carl Paoli and Pam Slim will be there amongst many other greats!) go to:

and let me know what you think!

I’ve been a fan of The Phat Startup for quite some time now and I wanted to know more about the founders.


About their backgrounds, their interests and their motivation.  After a short email conversation, James Lopez, co-founder of The Phat Startup, agreed to an interview. We talk about a lot of different topics: hiphop, business, entrepreneurship, starting out, how to get noticed etc. – so if you’re interested in either one of those you need to give this a listen – James is an amazing guy.   

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Screenshot 2014-05-03 14.37.22


Check out their podcast with inspiring entrepreneurs here 

Check out The Phat Startup here

Follow The Phat Startup on Twitter here

In today’s episode, we’re gonna talk to Debora Giannone: actress, model, photographer and standup comedian from my hometown, Basel – Switzerland. After grammar school, she gave up everything, in order to pursue her dream, to become an actress. She moved to Los Angeles and went to acting school. After that she started acting and writing on the side. Let’s hear her amazing story and the hardships she had to go through.

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Find out all about Debora on her website:

and like her facebook page:

I met Benny a few years ago, when I was still in the app game and trying to learn from the best. Benny then just released his app, Photo365, and made 30’000 USD in the first month (!). Keep in mind that most people lose money on the AppStore!


He showed me a few hacks I could use and I’ve been a fan of his app business and his blog ever since.

He blogs at and inspires you to live an epic life. In the interview we talk about how he uses travelhacking, to sleep in expensive hotels for the fraction of the cost. We also talk about his step to quit his job and how he stays focused. Very inspiring stuff!

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Find Benny here:

His famous app, Photo365

One of his other cool apps, Gratitude Journal 365