3 Snacks you need at your office

Healthy Snack Options

When it comes to productivity and energy levels a lot of people are neglecting two of the most important factors in that area: food and movement. There are of course other ones, such as sleep and stress levels, but if you get food and movement right, you’re set in most … [Read more...]

Should you drink Bulletproof Coffee?

coffee and sleep

“It’s incredible, it just works!” he told me, pulling up a spreadsheet to show me his numbers. “I lost 5kg within this timeframe.” he said. “Interesting.” I thought to myself, although I wasn’t sure what to make of the numbers. “But the coolest thing is, that it cleared my … [Read more...]

Why you need to rotate desks

Desk image

When I first wrote the article about squatting at work, a lot of people were offended and a lot of people found it funny. Those who were offended were the ones who just spent 2000 dollars on a standing desk and brushed it off. Those who found it funny maybe tried the squat and … [Read more...]

The only food you need in your kitchen

vegetables at the grocery store

When it comes to food and diet a lot of people start out with the wrong basics. They have all this candy and processed food at home and wonder why their energy is down, why they feel sluggish or tired all the time. One simple trick a lot of nutritionists and trainers use all … [Read more...]