Plan your evening routine

No more electronics

A lot of people talk about morning routines and their different benefits. I agree with most of them. I wrote in “Reclaim Your me-time” that the morning is the perfect time for a morning routine and do the things you love. However, a lot of people ignore the evening routine. In … [Read more...]

Meditation for beginners

Meditation has been around for a long time

There are few things in life where I think I should definitely do it and would reap huge benefits from it, but sometimes lack in discipline in doing it. Meditation is one of these things. The upsides are incredible: increased awareness better stress management an inner … [Read more...]

Why you should buy organic

healthy cows means healthy meat

Every two to three months I go to a farm about 30min. from where I live. It’s quite the ride since towards the end there isn’t even a proper road to get there. You couldn’t get there if you don’t have a car. I found this farm by looking through the internet and looking for … [Read more...]

Reclaim your me-time

take time and breathe.

I usually get up between 6am and 7am every morning, also on the weekends. Sometimes even at 5am, especially if I wake up and know I have maybe one more hour to sleep, I usually prefer to get up instead. There is something very calming and quiet in the morning that no other time … [Read more...]

3 Snacks you need at your office

Healthy Snack Options

When it comes to productivity and energy levels a lot of people are neglecting two of the most important factors in that area: food and movement. There are of course other ones, such as sleep and stress levels, but if you get food and movement right, you’re set in most … [Read more...]